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There is an Herbal Boom happening right now due to the state of the world. While it is bitter sweet, we are so glad that folks all around the world are becoming more aware of holistic, organic practices and herbal remedies!!! 

No time like the present to start incorporating herbs into daily routines to improve over all well being! Use them to make your own recipes, Artisan Teas, Do it yourself Beauty and Household Items, In the kitchen, with Tinctures, Balms, Capsules, Infusions, Lotions and Potions ;)  etc... Get creative!

Just make sure you do research or contact an Herbalist or other qualified individual, if you are unfamiliar and unsure of specific herbs, to stay on the safe side. There are good herbs with healing abilities and then there are bad herbs that can severely harm you or worse, kill you. Stay safe! Don't let this intimidate you from learning all about them though! We all start somewhere!

People have been using Herbs & Spices to make their own homemade products and recipes. Whether it's for bath, body, beauty, kitchen and or home, since recorded history and most likely before it was recorded! It comes natural to us to forage and grow herbs and spices to use in our every day living and for our well being. 

Cheers to getting more in touch with our roots!!!

Since we do not process our own herbs here yet at Mother Roots Boutique, we have partnered with Starwest-Botanicals to offer you quality herbs and spices!

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