About Mother Roots Boutique

We are a modern company with an old world feel. 

Wellness & Healing is our focus.

Mother Roots Boutique


Hello , Mary here... Welcome to my little neck of the woods!

My hopes are to inspire you! 

A little background on how all this started...

I went on a journey for my own well being. I was sick, doctors didn't have answers, and I needed to find out why?!? That led me down the path of seeking alternatives to just about every aspect of my life. In doing so, I have found a deep passion for all things holistic and plant based, across all faucets of our every day life & living. This set me on a path to not only transform our life (my family) as well as make the people around me more educated and aware upon these subjects. Where it is geared towards overall well being. Literally everything from foods and drinks to shampoos, body washes, laundry products, dish detergents etc... What we ingested as well as put on our body. 


So let me pose this notion for you ...
Imagine a time when we didn't use all the toxic chemicals in our life. Imagine a life where you can feel safe when using every day products! Imagine relearning how to live a more conscious, sustainable life. Imagine a lifestyle where it is both modern and primitive! Convenient yet resourceful.  




Mother Roots Boutique's

We hope to provide everyone with All Natural products for yourself, your family, your community and your home. One person at a time. One Community at a time. 
We have a vision that everyone on Earth needs to learn and know the skills on how to make their own natural, organic products from scratch. We assist you in making life a bit easier by having the supplies you may need to make your own products and blogs to show you the way.
If it's not possible for you to make your own products for one reason or another, we have already made products you can enjoy!
Life get's busy ...

Redbank Valley Creek

We are located in the "wooded state" of North Western Pennsylvania. A place where the natural roaring waters of a large body of water flows through the heart of our small country town. Nestled in a Valley where Nature and Humans walk together. Wildlife, plants and trees all around you ... 
It's a magical place. One in which you are reminded of your roots in and of this Earth. 
 It brings you back to a time not to long ago where our ancestors foraged the lands to survive. We are living in a Modern, New Age, New Era but our Roots are always there bringing back that old world charm!
Thanks for stopping by!